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The driving force behind this site is a holistic approach to health and well-being. Human health cannot be approached in reduction of manner if well-being is the long-term goal. The secret to a better life can therefore not be found in a pill bottle, fat diet or trendy to exercise regime. Nor from doctors who reduce health to the absent of a diagnosis. I spent my last 20 years accumulating knowledge from top performers and health professionals. The has been, and should be for you, to systematically identify what brings the best result for you as an individual. FYSIGO and “Biohacking” places the individual at the focus of health and wellness. This is me sharing with you how I live a higher quality, more fulfilling life based on the research I have done. Now do your own.!
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This site presents a wide range of opinions about a variety of topics related to health and well-being, including certain ideas, treatments, and procedures that may be hazardous or illegal if undertaken without proper knowledge or medical supervision. These opinions and procedures reflect the research and ideas of the author or those whose ideas the author presents, but are not intended to substitute for the services of a trained health care practitioner. Consult with your health care practitioner before engaging in any diet, drug, or exercise regimen. Authors and the publisher disclaim responsibility for any adverse effects resulting directly or indirectly from information at this site. Health is your personal responsibility, so put in the time needed and do your own research, including talking to medical professionals.

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